Innovation and Connectivity
for the Future

Discover the future of integrated fleet management with SafeFleet.
Join us on this journey towards a more connected, efficient, and secure world.

Connected Vehicles:

The Future is Here

Connected vehicles represent the future of the automotive sector and fleet management. With SafeFleet, you will have access to an ever-increasing amount of integrated data, ready to be analyzed and used for various business purposes.

Integration with SAP, CRM, and other systems: Fleet data can be automatically connected to business systems for smoother and more integrated management.

Accessible and Usable Data: High-quality data transmitted directly from vehicles are securely transferred to the SafeFleet fleet management platform. With all the reporting tools offered by SafeFleet, you can optimize productivity, increase efficiency, and strengthen safety.

Smart Mobility and Fleet Optimization

SafeFleet is not just a GPS tracking system; it’s a complete solution to optimize every aspect of your fleet.

In-depth Insights

With the SafeFleet tracking software, you can receive real-time analysis of your fleet and constantly monitor corporate KPIs through customizable dashboards, enabling you to:

Reduce fuel consumption waste.

Have the exact location of vehicles and predictions on arrival times.

Monitor how corporate vehicles are driven.

Monitor deadlines such as service checkups, tire changes, insurance, etc.

Control unauthorized use of vehicles outside authorized areas through geofencing.

Are you ready to revolutionize your fleet management?

Contact us today to discover how SafeFleet can help you achieve maximum efficiency and safety.

Turnkey Solution

With SafeFleet, fleet management has never been easier.

Ready-to-use Solution:

Pre-installed hardware and data immediately available via API.

No HW to Install:

No need to take vehicles to the workshop.

Simple Configuration:

You are ready to go from day one.

Why Choose SafeFleet?

Reliability and


We work with the best automotive Industries leaders to offer the best solution in corporate fleet management.


A dedicated team, ready to follow you in every phase of work to increase productive efficiency.

“Collaborating with SafeFleet strengthens our partnerships, jointly establishing the foundation for innovative fleet solutions.”

Heiko Schilling, Head of Sales & Marketing

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