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What methods to reduce fuel consumption do you use?
Do your vehicles transport valuable goods safely?
Do drivers state the journeys made for private purposes?

Even if the fleet is composed of small tonnage vehicle, their use on a daily basis determines high operating costs. In this case, a division in subfleets would improve the monitoring and the decisions you make for each and every one of these subfleets.

The way drivers use the vehicle greatly influences the fuel consumption. If you can monitor the driver’s behaviour and his journeys for private purposes, it is a lot easier to make fuel consumption more efficient and to reduce expenses.

The theft of insured vehicles or valuable goods is a big source of loss and represents a situation difficult to manage if you don’t have fleet related safety measures.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?

Safety of valuable goods transport

A large part of the vehicles used in the field of banking are used to transport valuable goods. SafeFleet ensures the safety of the transport through door contact sensors and alarms which are triggered if the door is opened without authorization.

The panic button is another device installed within the reach of drivers which they can use in case of emergency. You and the dispatch office will be immediately informed through a text message, via email or online, directly within the app, thus you can promptly intervene at the incident location.

If the vehicle is stolen, SafeFleet allows the remote blocking of said vehicle. In SafeFleet Portal you can control both the activation and the deactivation of the blocking option, thus you have full control over the valuable goods which are transported.


Division of the fleet

SafeFleet Portal facilitates the monitoring process because it offers you the possibility to monitor in detail the vehicles and to create subfleets according to the territory on which these vehicles operate or according to the departments of your company (sales, support, valuable goods transport).


Unique driver identity check

With the help of the iButton key, SafeFleet helps you establish which drivers are authorized with access rights to certain vehicles and identify them at each use of a vehicle. This function is successfully used by our customers also for the transport of valuable goods.


Risk profiles associated to drivers


Such a profile can be created using the functions of SafeFleet which monitor the behaviour of the drivers: sudden accelerations or brakes, collisions, exceeding speed limits and being unjustifiable stationary with the engine running.

Journeys for private purposes


A lack of delimitation between the journeys for private purposes and those made for business purposes can determine large costs with the fuel. With the help of SafeFleet, you can set a working schedule directly in the app or you can leave the driver the possibility to mark the journeys made for business purposes and those made for private purposes. The Geofence function allows you additional control by monitoring the area where the drivers travel.


Vehicle log sheets

By using the reports automatically generated by the SafeFleet app, you no longer need to worry about vehicle log sheets which are incomplete or which were filled out wrongly. The vehicle log sheets automatically generated are in accordance with the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 571/2013 regarding the Fiscal Code.


Control of costs related to fuel


SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption through 4 methods: by digital probe, by reading the data through FMS, based on fueling and by consumption estimation. With the help of the app functions, you will be able to determine the consumption for private purposes and the consumption for business purposes.

Companies in the banking and insurance industry using SafeFleet solutions



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