SafeFleet Logistic

The complete GPS solution for semitrailers


Autonomy and sabotage protection


The equipment functions with an internal battery when the external power is missing (tractor unit detachment). The back-up battery has a medium/high capacity which makes the whole subassembly to have a high functioning autonomy. In case of a fraudulent opening of the equipment, an alarm is automatically generated.


Real time, visual and audio alarm


For every unauthorized event there are automatically generated visual and audio alarms which are transmitted real time to the driver and the dispatcher will be notified by email and by SMS. This is the perfect monitoring solution for semitrailers which don’t have the same tractor unit attached.


Web-based Portal


The collected data (events, alarms, cargo space temperature, position, speed, distance and other information) is accessible to the users from a web-based portal directly in a web browser on any equipment connected to the internet.


Real time, specific events


The alarms generated by events of attachment/detachment tractor unit or unauthorized cargo space door opening/closing are locally transmitted through visual and acoustic signals and to the dispatch office through GPRS, SMS and email.


Historical data and real time data visualization


The users have access both to real time data and to detailed reports which contain historical data: journeys, distances, events, alarms and many others.


Driver authentication


Identification driver module makes any authorization of a trailer intervention possible: attachment/detachment unit tractor, closing/opening cargo door.


Position and trajectories accessible to others


The current position and trajectory history can be made available to external collaborators without them having full-access to the monitoring portal application.

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