Fleet and driver safety involves reducing the risks and encouraging safe driving. The initiatives aimed at increasing safety levels have become a priority for any fleet manager interested in reducing road incidents and, implicitly, the possible costs related to accidents. SafeFleet offers managers the possibility to view in real time the activity and behaviour of the driver, but also to quickly react in cases of accident or theft of the vehicle.

Panic button


This button is installed within the reach of the driver, allowing said driver to send signals in case of emergency, and the fleet administrator is informed through a text message, via email or online, directly within the app. For example, in case of an accident, the vehicle will be immediately located and the fleet administrator can react promptly, by sending the necessary teams for intervention.

Blocking the vehicle


Fleet security can also be ensured through the blocking option. In case of theft, the vehicle may be blocked remotely, directly from the app. In SafeFleet Portal you have access to data related to the blockings made, for both blocking activation and deactivation operations.

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