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Do your customers observe the established areas?
How do you keep under control the accelerated wear of the vehicles?
Are your methods to reduce costs effective?

As fleet manager in a car rental company you have to keep track of various factors which influence the quality of the services provided. The leasing market is a very competitive market and you need an efficient management of the car fleet and the increase of the vehicle usage level.
A better monitoring of the vehicles might lead to a reduction of the risks associated with the fleet. The residual value of a vehicle is strongly determined by the way in which it was handled, and maintenance costs depend on the customers’ driving behaviour.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?


Monitoring vehicles used by different drivers


Carpool is a function in the SafeFleet Portal for fleets which include vehicles used by different drivers. Through this function, car reservations can be made directly from the app. In this way, drivers can check the time slot when a certain car is used and which cars are available and can be used.

Current position of the vehicle and sending it to an external source

With the help of current positions, any car can be located in real time on the map. The function also allows you to view the recent activities of the vehicle or the position of the vehicle at a given time.
Sending the position of an external source can be done through temporary links generated directly from the SafeFleet Portal app. Generating temporary links is the simplest and quickest method to create a page where the trajectory of the vehicle can be seen.


Geofence alerts


The Geofence function is useful to car rental companies in order to set a usage area, such as the boundaries of Romania. Once this area is defined, at every overstepping of this area by a vehicle from the fleet you will receive a test message alert.


Vehicle safety


SafeFleet allows the remote blocking of the vehicle in case of a theft. Through SafeFleet Portal, you can control both the activation and the deactivation of the blocking option, thus you have full control over the vehicles from the fleet.

Expiration of documents and technical inspections


CWhen you have vehicles in leasing, it is important to make sure they receive maintenance services to avoid wear but also the risk of being fined. With the help of SafeFleet, it is a lot easier to keep track of the expiration date for various documents. You will receive notifications directly from the app for each and every vehicle regarding the payment of the motor vehicle liability, the car insurance policy, or you are warned that a new inspection is due.

Monitoring the drivers’ behaviour


Through SafeFleet Portal you can see if the driver has an aggressive driving style, which increases the accelerated wear of the car. Thus, you can issue penalties for customers who have an aggressive behaviour, based on the detailed reports automatically generated in the app. Also, you can issue penalties for drivers who make journeys in unauthorized areas, based on the trajectories recorded in the app.



Controlling the distance travelled by the vehicle


With the help of SafeFleet, you can control the mileage driven for these users who have limits for distances travelled. In the report named “Distances travelled”, generated in the app, you can check if the limit for mileage driven in a contractually defined time period was observed by the customer who rented a vehicle from your fleet.



Reducing fuel costs


SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption, by integrating in the app various methods:through the import of fueling performed from refuel to refuel, by digital probe, by reading the data through FMS and by consumption estimation. Based on the data generated by the app, you will be able to take the proper measures to reduce the fuel costs.

Companies in the leasing and rent-a-car industry using SafeFleet solutions



„Portalul are o structură foarte bună, se accesează ușor, funcționează bine și conține tot ceea ce ne interesează pe noi ca și companie de leasing. Am recomandat serviciile SafeFleet și altor companii care au devenit clienți. În plus, la sfârșitul contractelor de leasing, recomandăm întotdeauna utilizatorilor noștrii să preia abonamentul GPS, beneficiind de avantajul că au echipamentul gata montat pe vehicul, deci nu mai au costuri de achiziție sau montaj de echipament, ci doar o simplă preluare de abonament.“

Cristian Tale

Manager Logistică, TBI Leasing

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