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Do you want to check whether the predefined routes are complied?
How is the communication between the dispatch office and the driver performed?
What methods do you use to reduce fuel consumption?

The fleet management efficiency can be seen in the rapidity of taking action to resolve problems on the road, regardless of the field in which your public utility company operates: maintenance, waste removal, snow removal, intervention or public transport.

Communication between drivers and the dispatch office, division of tasks or vehicles in subfleets, checking routes and fuel consumption are just a few of the aspects you need to keep under control if you want to successfully carry out your activity.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?


Two-way communication with the driver


SafeFleet ensures a two-way communication with the driver through the SafeChat app. In this way, you may send tasks or messages on behalf of the dispatch office to announce changes of routes or destinations. The drivers can reply directly to the messages of the dispatcher using the app installed on their smartphone.

Monitoring the driver’s behaviour


Fuel consumption is strongly influenced by the drivers’ behaviour. Through SafeFleet Portal you can see if the driver has an aggressive driving style and you can take measures which lead to a decrease of the fuel expenses. With the SafeFleet app, you can keep a track of the harsh accelerations or braking, collisions, overspeeding and idling.

Journeys for private purposes


A lack of delimitation between the different types of journeys can determine large costs with the fuel necessary for the vehicles of the fleet. With the help of SafeFleet, you can set a working schedule directly in the Portal or you can leave the driver the possibility to mark the journeys made for business purposes and those made for private purposes. The Geofence function gives you additional control by monitoring the area where the driver travels.


Authentication of drivers


With the help of the iButton key, SafeFleet helps you establish which drivers are authorized with access rights to certain vehicles or machines and to identify them at each use of a vehicle. This function is extremely useful when the same vehicle or machine is used by several drivers.


Monitoring fuel consumption


Fuel theft from tanks represents an important source of unforeseen costs, which can throw off balance the budget you defined. SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption, by integrating in the app various methods: by fuel sensor, by reading the data through FMS, through the import of fueling performed from refuel to refuel or by recording the engine operating times.

Division in subfleets

With SafeFleet, the monitoring of a large number of vehicles became much easier. The app offers you the possibility to monitor the vehicles in detail and to create subfleets according to the territory on which the drivers operate or according to the departments of the company.

Defining and monitoring the routes

SafeFleet Portal allows you to create predefined routes, which can be used also as Geofence function on regions of interest. The Track Matching report offers you a full picture of the route travelled by the vehicle. POI visits is an activity report generated by SafeFleet where you can check if the necessary visits were indeed performed at the points of interests. This report shows you the time and duration of stopping at the points of interest.

Geofence alerts

The Geofence function is useful to public utility companies to set a usage area, such as a neighbourhood or a road segment. Once this area is defined, you will be informed through text message alerts at every exit of the allowed usage area by any of your vehicles. Geofence also helps you in monitoring the activity of vehicles in a certain area, in this respect the Activity in ROI report provides information about the driving times and the parking times and the distances travelled, the events and journeys in that region of interest.

Sensors for doors

SafeFleet ensures the monitoring of the drivers’ activity also through sensors fitted on the doors of vehicles from the fleet, from the ones used by the public transport companies to those used for waste removal. With the help of these sensors, SafeFleet allows you to check if the doors were opened at each point of interest.


Integration with API


SafeFleet allows the integration with API of other customised apps you already use, where you will receive the data sent by our app. For example, some companies use this function to send the current position to an external app.

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