Do you succeed to reduce intervention times?
How do you ensure the security of your own vehicles?
Are your vehicles easy to handle on the road?

The time necessary to reach the location from where the request was made is extremely important for a security company. The rapidity with which you respond to customers’ requests proves your capacity to offer protection and security to those for whom you carry out the operations.

If you manage a security company specialised in the transport valuable goods, the lack of a safety system on the vehicles will make much more difficult the intervention in case of a theft.

If we are talking about a company specialized in designing security systems, you will have to keep track of multiple activities, such as the installation and maintenance of the systems or consultancy in the field. If no monitoring solution is applied, it is much more difficult to have control over the costs and the activity of the employees.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?

Safety of valuable goods transport

For security company specialized in the transport of valuable goods, SafeFleet ensures the safety of the transport through door contact sensors and alarms which are triggered if the door is opened without authorization.

In emergency situations, the driver can use the panic button, a device installed within the reach of drivers which they can use to send alerts to the dispatch office. The dispatch office will be immediately informed through a text message, via email or online, directly within the app, thus allowing a prompt intervention at the incident location.

SafeFleet offers full control over the valuable goods transport by remotely blocking the vehicle if the vehicle is stolen. With the help of the app you can activate or deactivate the blocking option.



Division in subfleets

With SafeFleet, the monitoring of vehicles became much easier because it offers you the possibility to create subfleets according to the territory on which the drivers operate or according to the departments of the company (sales, support, valuable goods transport).


Unique driver identity check

SafeFleet helps you establish which drivers are authorized with access rights to certain vehicles and to identify them at each use of a vehicle with the help of the iButton keys. This function is successfully used for vehicles used for the transport of valuable goods, but also when the same vehicle is used by several drivers.

Risk profiles associated to drivers

With SafeFleet you can establish the profile of each driver, by using the functions applied for monitoring the driving behaviour: sudden accelerations or braking, collisions, exceeding speed limits and being unjustifiable stationary with the engine running.

Journeys for private purposes

Any travelling done outside the working hours or outside the established area can be identified with the help of SafeFleet functions. The delimitation between the journeys for private purposes and those made for business purposes can be made more easily because you can set directly in the app a working schedule or you can leave the driver the possibility to mark the type of journey made.

Two-way communication

SafeChat ensures a two-way communication with the drivers and the sending of tasks from the dispatch office to the department responsible with the maintenance of electronic security systems.

Vehicle log sheets

By using the reports automatically generated by the SafeFleet Portal app, you no longer need to worry about vehicle log sheets. They are automatically generated and are in accordance with the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 571/2013 regarding the Fiscal Code.

Control of costs related to fuel

SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption through 4 methods: by digital probe, by reading the data through FMS, based on fueling and by consumption estimation. Together with the other app functions, you will be able to determine the consumption for private purposes and the consumption for business purposes, but also possible fuel thefts.

Companies in the field of security using SafeFleet solutions


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