A company which has its own fleet will have to handle with various needs, from improving the efficiency of each vehicle to managing and using apps intended to facilitate its work. A modern fleet management software should offer the possibility to integrate various functions or apps.

With SafeFleet Portal, you have the opportunity to integrate third party software systems, so that the implementation of the SafeFleet solution brings you maximum efficiency.

SafeFleet API

The SafeFleet API sends information from SafeFleet Portal to an external app using scripts entered by the SafeFleet customers. This integration is extremely useful to customers who have their own management system or ERP system and wish to take over from SafeFleet Portal various information which they will store in their app.

Freight and vehicle exchanges: TimoCom and

We understood how important the freight and vehicle exchanges are for SafeFleet customers and we found solutions to integrate the Timo Com and apps. In this way, customers can find more easily a carrier, and the carriers are much more visible to customers. SafeFleet allows that the current position of the vehicles and their name to be sent to TimoCom. Also, the customers have the possibility to link their account to the SafeFleet GPS devices.


GateHouse, provider of current positions of vehicles, combines the data received from various telematic systems, including the data generated by SafeFleet. In this way, the companies which cooperate with a large number of carriers can track the vehicles more easily, without having their collaborators change the telematic system they used so far. All goods related data necessary to them will be received through GateHouse.

SafeMinder and other integrations

Another facility for corporate clients that use Microsoft Active Directory is that, after integration, SafeFleet Portal can be accessed with the same login data, without the need that the users remember a separate password for our application.

A big part of our clients use fleet cost management applications: maintenance, fines, spare parts, certifications etc. In our additional services package we offer you SafeMinder app, which together with the SafeFleet app covers every fleet management need, regardless of the fleet size or activity field.

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