SafeChat is the mobile, web-based app which ensures a two-way communication between the dispatcher and the drivers of the fleet.


Easy communication between dispatcher and driver and between drivers


There are cases when the driver needs to send to the dispatcher various information or inform the dispatcher about changes or problems which might occur on the way. For such cases, SafeChat ensures a two-way communication between the driver and the dispatcher. Moreover, drivers can also send messages to one another in the app.


Sending messages to all drivers – coming soon


The app allows the use of a chat room whereby both dispatchers and drivers can send mass messages to all colleagues in their company who use the SafeChat app.


Integrated with navigation apps/GPS/GPS


The dispatcher can send to the driver a location with the associated GPS coordinates. SafeChat will open the coordinates using any navigation app available on the smartphone so that the driver can be guided to the location also through other apps.

Efficient management of the workforce – coming soon

Sending tasks or points of destination to drivers is possible through the Navigation Jobs menu, through which the dispatcher can easily track the status of the vehicles/drivers and can assign a task to the vehicles which are available.

The driver has the possibility to accept or reject the task.


Uploading images and documents – coming soon

SafeChat also allows the uploading of images or other documents directly from the smartphone in order to send these to the dispatcher or to other drivers.

Try now the SafeChat app and see what benefits can bring it for you.

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