Fleet management services outsourcing

The fleet management is a complex process and a wide range of skills and experience are needed in order to successfully handle the vehicles of the company. SafeFleet helps fleet managers by providing outsourcing services which ensure maintenance and offer assistance to the company.

These services include consultancy on how to increase cost efficiency and the analysis of data offered by the SafeFleet Portal app in the requested fields of expertise. The information obtained from the analysis of the fleet activity contributes to informed decisions, essential for improving the fleet management.

By outsourcing the fleet management services, you will have the following advantages:

  • Reducing the costs – you pay for the outsourced services much less than if you had a full-time employee through the transfer of a specialist from SafeFleet.
  • Focusing on the key skills– you can use the time assigned for using the software to fulfill the tasks which you consider a priority.
  • Accelerating the business processes– the improvement of the fleet activity by making full use of the functions of SafeFleet determines an increase in the efficiency at company level, reflected in increased revenues.

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