Cookies usage policy

What is a cookie? A cookie is a file that is saved on your devices when you visit a website.

This file allows for your settings and preferences to be saved when you visit again our site, to offer you a better online experience. You have the possibility to allow cookie usage or not, but if you don’t want to allow the usage of cookies, you need to make the necessary settings in your browser.
Cookies can’t be used for running programs or for transmitting viruses on your device. Cookies can be read only from a site server ( which saved cookies on your device.

Do you accept the usage of cookies?

By using cookies, you will benefit from a better site usage experience of
In addition, cookies are necessary for certain basic activities. For example, we use cookies for:

  • Real time chat
  • Visitor’s analysis, for a better online experience. By using the Google Analytics software, we collect anonymised data about the visits on our website, like the page viewed.
  • For keeping your preferences and to offer you customized content and ads. This cookies save the on-site preferences of each user, such that these settings are no longer necessary for every website visit.
  • For advertising. These cookies allow us to know if you have seen or not an online ad, what type the ad is and how long it has been since the last time you saw the ad.
  • The softwares used allow the tracking of aggregate behaviour on site. The information received from cookies are anonymous and will not be corelated with personal data. SafeFleet doesn’t send this information to any other third-party for independent usage.

You want to block cookies?

If you want to block cookies, some site functionalities will be stopped and this could cause certain site dysfunctionalities or errors.

If you accept these limitations and are decided to block the cookies, follow the instructions below.

How can you allow or block cookies?

Most browsers are set to automatically allow cookies, but you have the possibility to modify their settings to block some or all cookies, if you want to. If you don’t like how this setting affects your online experience, it is as easier to accept again cookies.

Pick your browser from the list below to view the instructions that you need to go through after the opening of your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. click on the Settings icon (above right)
  2. click on Internet Options
  3. click on Confidentiality and pick your options
  4. click on Apply and then on OK to save your preferences

Google Chrome

  1. click on key icon and select Options from the list
  2. click on Advanced Settings tab
  3. click on Content Settings in the Privacy section
  4. pick the settings you want
  5. click on X for closing

Mozilla Firefox

  1. select Instruments on the main bar, then Options
  2. click on Confidentiality tab
  3. pick the settings you want
  4. click on OK for closing


  1. pick Preferinţe
  2. click on Confidentiality panel
  3. pick the settings you want
  4. click X for closing

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