Do your vehicles transport valuable goods safely?
How well does the communication between the driver and the dispatcher work?
Are your methods to reduce fuel costs effective?

As distribution fleet manager, you have to keep track of various factors which can influence delivery times, the quality of the services provided and the costs of deliveries. In the activity of your company you should keep an eye on the vehicles of the fleet, the goods transported and the drivers in the entire distribution chain.
Without a clear management of the transports and of your own vehicles, the delivery times will often be exceeded. When you don’t have any supporting documents for the goods transport conditions or you cannot ensure the safety of the transport, it is difficult to handle complaints made by customers. The lack of any control of the fleet causes management problems and high operating costs.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?



Two-way communication with the driver


SafeFleet ensures a two-way communication with the driver through the SafeChat app, whereby the dispatch office may send tasks or messages to drivers, and the driver can reply directly using the app installed on their smartphone.

Routing the routes

SafeFleet allows you to set predefined routes or generate routes and calculate with the app the shortest route in order to reach the destination.

Tracking the vehicle and the traffic

Together with GPS systems, SafeFleet Portal offers you a quick update of the driver’s position. Also, you have the possibility to check the traffic on the preset route and to direct the vehicle to a different route, if needed.


Vehicle log sheets


The vehicle log sheets automatically generated with the SafeFleet Portal app are in accordance with the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 571/2013 regarding the Fiscal Code. By using these reports, you no longer need to worry about vehicle log sheets which were filled out wrongly or which are incomplete.



Unique driver identity check


If several drivers use the same vehicles, it is extremely important their identification so you can do a proper monitoring. This is possible with the iButton key.

Avoiding thefts

Regardless of the value of the transport, the stealing of goods causes a series of problems for your company. SafeFleet ensures the safety of the transport through door contact sensors and alarms which are triggered if the door of a vehicle is opened by drivers who were not authorized.

In case of a theft, through the SafeFleet Portal app you can quickly locate and remotely block the vehicle, so as to have full control over the goods transported.


Ensuring optimum transport conditions


If you are involved in the distribution of perishable goods or live animals, temperature sensors made available by SafeFleet ensure that the delivery is done in correct conditions.



Monitoring the fuel consumption


SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle through 4 methods: by digital probe, by reading the data through FMS, based on fueling and by consumption estimation.


Drivers’ behaviour


Fuel consumption is strongly influenced by the drivers’ behaviour. Through the SafeFleet Portal you can see if the driver has an aggressive driving style and you can take measures which implicitly lead to a decrease of expenses with fuel and you can avoid fines for exceeding the speed limit.


Journeys for private purposes


SafeFleet offers you the possibility to make a delimitation between journeys for private purposes and those made for business purposes with the help of the Geofence function. You can set directly in the app a working schedule or you can leave the driver the possibility to mark the start and end of journeys made for business purposes or for private purposes.

Companies in the field of distribution using SafeFleet solutions


The use of the SafeFleet system offers distribution companies measurable results. Their relation with their customers has significantly improved because of the normalization and predictability of the delivery process.

Ever since our customers started using SafeFleet, they noticed an increase in deliveries of up to 50% because they maximally optimized the routes, thus reducing the “idle” times.


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