Transportation & Logistics

Do your vehicles transport the goods safely?
How do you monitor the behaviour of drivers on the road?
Are your methods to reduce fuel consumption effective?

As vehicle fleet manager in the field of transport and logistics, you have to manage multiple resources, from assigning trucks for each and every route to making the transport of goods more efficient. Each unjustified additional hour, fuel theft or even the theft of trucks implies great costs, which affect the budget allocated to the fleet.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?

Monitoring fuel consumption


Fuel theft from tanks with a capacity of hundreds of litres represents an important source of unforeseen costs, which can throw off balance the budget you defined. SafeFleet allows you to monitor the fuel consumption, by integrating in the app two accurate methods: by digital probe, by reading the data through FMS and through the import of fueling performed from refuel to refuel. With the help of the app functions, you will be able to establish how the fuel was consumed for each and every vehicle.


Risk profiles associated to drivers


Aggressive driving strongly influences the fuel consumption, but can also lead to expenses related to the payment of fines for failure to observe traffic rules. SafeFleet Portal allows you to create a profile for each driver based on the functions which monitor the driving behaviour: sudden accelerations or braking, collisions, exceeding speed limits and being unjustifiable stationary with the engine running.


Two-way communication with the drivers


SafeFleet ensures a two-way communication with the driver through the SafeChat app. With this app, you may send tasks, orders or messages on behalf of the dispatch office to announce changes of routes, destinations of delivery times. The drivers can reply directly from the app installed on their smartphone.

Identification of drivers


SafeTaho helps you identify drivers based on the usage of the tachograph card and monitor the driving hours of these drivers. With the help of this function, you make sure the drivers comply with internal rules and legislation. Also for the identification of drivers, SafeFleet recommends the use of iButton keys, useful especially for vehicles used by several drivers.


Current positions


SafeFleet allows you to track the position of a vehicle using Google Maps or the SafeFleet Global function, which sends data through the satellite and does not depend on a GSM signal. The data from the app help you see the trajectory of the vehicle on the map, the location in real time, the speed and driving direction, if the vehicle is parked or moving. The current position can be quickly updated by activating the Follow vehicle option.

Geofence alarms

With the help of the Geofence function, every overstepping of the area predefined in the GPS is signalled through an alert notification sent to a previously defined telephone number. Thus, you eliminate fuel consumption, work effort and working hours on routes outside the assigned ones.

International carriers transiting Germany have to know the time spent on the territory of Germany in order to comply with the provisions of the MiLOG law. You can prove the activity of the drivers through the Activity in ROI report, automatically generated by SafeFleet.

Payment of the road tax

SafeFleet allows the payment of the road tax in Hungary for international carriers. For example, OBU One is a solution for automatic payment of the road tax in the HU-GO system in Hungary. Based on the information sent by OBU One, the amount of the road tax will be charged directly from the customer account, and the drivers may carry out their transport activity without worrying about the tickets.

Monitoring semitrailers

SafeFleet offer monitoring solutions specifically designed to keep track of semitrailers in the fleet used to transport valuable goods. The safety of the transport is ensured through special visual and acoustic alerts.

Every opening of the trailer door and every detachment of the tractor has to be authorized and the identity of the authorizing person is known. It the semitrailer is not connected, it can be monitored individually through the GPS system fitted with a backup battery.

Any unauthorized manoeuvre is signalled through alarms, including in cases when someone tries to open the GPS device case, and the dispatch office is immediately informed in case of sabotage.

The temperature sensor fitted inside the trailer ensures that the goods are transported in normal conditions, and SafeFleet automatically generates reports where you can check the compliance of the transport.

Companies in the field of transport and logistics using SafeFleet solutions


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