How do you manage the machines used on several building sites?
Do you succeed in keeping under control the fuel consumption?
Do drivers and operators comply with the established rules?

In the field of construction, the vehicles and machines from the fleet are involved in complex operations for opening, servicing, operating or closing a building site. Tracking the operating costs and monitoring the machines is often difficult, especially when they are used on several building sites.

Fuel costs can become difficult to track if you do not know exactly the number of hours spent on the route, the actual working time on the building site with the engine running. Because there are no monitoring measures in place, fuel thefts and also idle times on the building site may occur, which determine unjustified costs for the fleet you are managing.

Because there is no clear picture on fleet status, it is much more difficult to check if all vehicles and machines are used by authorized drivers and operators, according to the plan. This causes not only cost increases, but also a decrease in efficiency.

How can SafeFleet help you manage the fleet?

Measuring the fuel consumption

A construction company can have high costs because of fuel consumption both on the building site and when the vehicles operate in stationary mode with the engine running, but also because of illegal journeys made or fuel thefts.

With the help of SafeFleet, you can monitor how the fuel is consumed, and also possible thefts or illegal journeys, by installing digital probes or by reading the data through FMS, where the installation of the devices is possible.

Monitoring the vehicles and machines

With the help of devices and the SafeFleet app, it will be much easier for you to monitor the movement and activity of the vehicles. You can see the current position of the vehicle on the map, the recent activities of the vehicle, such as stops, parkings and journeys made.

Monitoring the machines on the building site

Through the Geofence function, SafeFleet allows the delimitation of the building site on the map and notifications to be sent when machines enter or exit from the working area.

The activity on the building site can be monitored also through the sensors installed on dump trucks, which will track the number of loadings and unloadings of the machine.

With the help of the iButton keys, it will be much easier for you to identify the driver who used a certain type of machine or vehicle.

Companies in the construction industry using SafeFleet solutions


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