SafeFleet Packages

SafeFleet offers you diversified packages for the business particularities, wether you want a base package or you need specific extra options.

Our packages can be combined in any way you wish, designed to cover your exact business needs.

SafeFleet Base Package

Vehicle Activity

  • Vehicle current positions
  • Vehicle journeys and travelled distances
  • The geographical coverage of the vehicles from the fleet
  • Vehicle travelled routes
  • Travel sheets and daily sheet
  • Vehicle trajectories on the map
  • Odometer reading
  • Vehicle activity comparison, month by month

Driver activity

  • Track matching
  • Points of interest visits(headquarters, banks, gas stations etc.)
  • Activity outside working schedule
  • Activity in a certain region of interest
  • SMS to drivers
  • Vehicle parked outside a point of interes
  • Driver behaviour notifications

Fleet maintanance

  • OBU1 for automatic toll payment in Hungary
  • Notifications for expiry of mandatory insurance, technical inspection, service check-up etc.
  • Low GSM/GPS signal alerts

14€ + VAT

Extra options


Do you want to change your fuel costs?

  • Consumption based on fuel injectors
  • Fuel level based on aftermarket level sensor and factory level sensor
  • Consumption based on imported fuelings
  • Consumption estimated based on vehicle attributes
Driver behavior

Do your employees have an aggressive driving?
Do you pay much because of the vehicles’ usage?

  • Driver identification with iButton keys
  • Tachograph: reading the drivers’ working schedule in real time
  • Journey purpose: distance travelled for private or for business related activity

Do you want to assure your cargo or merchandise?

  • Opening/closing door alerts
  • Panic button
  • Vehicle immobilization
  • Temperature variations alerts
  • Automated vehicle’s attributes import

Do you have a difficult time handling fleet fines, taxes and costs?

  • Vehicle attributes expiry: mandatory insurance, technical inspection, oil change, service etc.
  • Tachograph: following the driver’s working schedule
  • Reckless driving widget

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