Mobile app for your fleet

Have the most important information about your fleet on your mobile phone thanks to fliGO!

Choose fliGO in order to have complex reports about your vehicles anywhere, anytime:

Current positions

View the position of your vehicles on the map in real time and find the optimal route to reach your destination:


Track the distance travelled, the fuel consumption, the maximum speed and the driver’s driving style.

Driving profile

Each sudden acceleration and braking, speed limit exceeding or impact event is recorded in the app, for your control.

Activity summary

Graphically displays the extent to which your vehicle was driven in the chosen interval: one day, one week, one month or one year.

Information about the vehicle

A control panel outlines the data about your vehicle so that you are kept up to date about the fuel consumption and the expiration dates for the motor vehicle liability insurance, the periodic technical inspection and the vignette.

Points of interest

You can see if the vehicle passed through the points of interest set on distinctive categories: shopping, fuel stations, business etc.

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