What is the minimum contract period?
The minimum contract period is 12 months.

Is the roaming subscription paid separately?
Data transmission for any country is included in the monthly subscription.

SafeFleet Portal app

How many users can I add into the app?
You can add an unlimited number of users.

Can I create an user in the app for one of my clients?
Yes, there are a number of options in which you can share the vehicle’s current position with a third party.

  1. You can create an user in the app and set limited user rights, depending on what you want to share with him.
  2. You can generate a temporary link which shows the vehicle’s trajectory; the link will be available for any time period you want.

You can offer to another SafeFleet customer view only access to all the vehicles and all the reports of your company through the extended visibilities option.

How do I activate roaming service?
The roaming service is activated by using the devices menu, where you should select the devices for which you want the roaming service to be activated and then you should click on “Request roaming” and select the desired period of time.

Do you have a smartphone app?
Yes, as a SafeFleet client you can download for free the fliGO app from the
AppStore sau Google Play.
You can find more details of what our fliGO app can offer on our official fliGO.

Installation, service and technical support

What is the warranty of the GPS devices?
The warranty is 24 months.

Where is the installation made?
OInstallation can be made in our service point partners across Europe or even by the customer itself, with self-install.

Does the device installation alter the vehicle’s warranty?
No, the installation does not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

Can I make my own installation through self-install?
Yes, any client can make his own installation through self-install.

What kind of service operations do you make?
Installation and uninstallation of GPS devices and fuel sensors, moving the GPS device from one vehicle to another, replacement of fuel sensor, SIM card change and other service operations.

What service operations have to be paid?
The service operations made outside the warranty have to be paid: installations, uninstallations, remounting and moving the GPS device from one vehicle to another. SIM card reactivation is paid regardless of the warranty period.

Do you have a support department? What is its schedule?
Yes, we do have a technical support department who gives a prompt answer to any client request made through SafeFleet Portal app. You can also send your request via email at support@safefleet.eu

You can call technical support from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 17.00, at the phone numbers:
   0356 710 185   |   0356 710 186   |   0317 101 382

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