About SafeFleet

SafeFleet is an innovating telematics software in the field of M2M in Romania, usefully used by companies in Italy, Poland, Hungary and other countries from the Balkans.

For over 20 years, SafeFleet offers its clients quality solutions, like GPS fleet monitoring, automatic road tax payment, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and mobile parking payment.

Presently used for over 4.000 customers with over 50.000 installed devices, our platform offers:

  • Vehicle monitoring;
  • Fleet and fuel management;
  • Driver behavior;
  • Driver identification;
  • Two way communication;
  • Temperature monitoring;
  • Back-up links transmitted through satellite;
  • and many other features.

Innovations and our openness to personalized solutions positioned us as being one of the biggest players in south-east of Europe. The certifications obtained and the awards won are a confirmation of the fact that we deliver high-quality products and services to ur customers.

15 reasons for which our customers have chosen SafeFleet:

  • Platform available in 13 languages
  • White-label application which can be used under any other brand
  • Cloud servers (Digital Ocean) or installed locally at our partner
  • Integration with other IT systems
  • Over 50 automatically generated reports
  • Daily used services by over 4.000 people in 7 countries
  • Complete integration with services by third-party suppliers
  • Available platform for different currencies
  • User settings according to company roles
  • Possibility to create subfleet hierarchies
  • Client billing facilitation
  • Maintenance and counseling
  • Quality assurance complete system
  • HTTPS security measures
  • Big price discounts for services and for hardware components

SafeFleet is member of 1-Fleet Alliance

Created in May 2014, 1-Fleet Alliance is a European association that represents key industry players in the Telematics Fleet Management Solutions industry. The alliance’s primary aim is to create a collaborative environment where the knowledge sharing will conduce to innovation promotion, economies of scale generation and the development of the TFMS industry ecosystem.

Expertise in TFMS and European reach with local know-how, are the guarantee that 1-Fleet Alliance will be able to:

  • Offer the best telematics fleet management solution
  • Offer it with the best value for money
  • Cooperate to answer trans-European demand

SafeFleet in numbers

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Quality recognition

certificate-CE      certificate-eMark      eCall_partener      ISO-9001      iso-14001

ISO-20000-1      ISO-22301      iso-27001      omologare-RAR

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