Do your drivers work on the assigned lots?
Do you succeed in making the fuel consumption more efficient?

Your role is to coordinate the activity of the drivers and to make sure they observe the assigned working surface, bearing in mind that this surface is not physically limited in a clear manner. The drivers can exceed the working surface involuntarily or can use the vehicle fraudulently, in order to work the land of other land owners, consuming fuel and causing the vehicle to wear.

It is your responsibility to monitor and keep under control the maintenance costs and the operating costs generated by the considerable fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles.

How can SafeFleet help you manage your fleet?

Regions of interest

With the help of this fleet management solution you can establish on the map the agricultural regions to be worked, so that you and the dispatch office can monitor them easily.

Geofence alerts

With the help of the SafeFleet Portal monitoring software application, every overstepping of this area predefined in the GPS is signalled through an alert to a previously defined telephone number. Thus you eliminate fuel consumption, work effort and working hours on agricultural areas outside the assigned working area.

Fuel consumption

The activity reports generated with the SafeFleet Portal app are important in supporting the management decisions to make the activity and the costs more efficient. The detailed reports provide various information regarding the journeys made by the drivers, such as fuel consumption in a given period of time.

There are two different methods to monitor the fuel consumption for every vehicle:

  • by digital probe;
  • by reading the data through FMS.

Among these, the most widely used method is the one with digital probe, while the measuring through FMS is dependent on the technical characteristics of the vehicles.

SafeFleet allows the precise measuring of the consumption and the integration with SafeFleet Portal of a method dedicated to the fuel consumption monitoring.

SafeFleet helps you monitor the fuel consumption also through the sensor applied on the tank cap of the fuel cistern. With this sensor you can monitor more easily the fueling performed from a fuel cistern located on site and you can identify possible fuel thefts.

Such data are extremely important for the management of your fleet, considering that some of the greatest costs are those generated by fuel consumption.

For every vehicle the following information can be obtained:

  • mileage
  • fuel quantity
  • inactivity period
  • consumption while stationary, consumption while driving
  • total consumption and average consumption calculated by the app.

Expiration of documents and technical inspections

By ensuring a proper maintenance of the vehicles, you avoid accelerated wear and also the risk of being fined. With the help of SafeFleet, you can set the expiration date for each document you wish to track. The notifications you receive in the app will remind and specify for each and every vehicle the date when you have to pay the motor vehicle liability, the car insurance policy, the leasing or when a new inspection is due.

Integration with API

SafeFleet allows the integration with API of customised apps used for allotment in order to send the current position on certain lots or predefined surfaces in the app used by you.

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