Why become a SafeFleet Partner

White-labeled interface

If you already have a brand and you don’t want to lose clients over switching to another platform, we can help. SafeFleet Platform can be customized with domain, logo and color in a way that represents your company’s interests.


SafeFleet Platform is translated already in 13 languages. Right now we accommodate: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian, Georgian and Arabic. Due to its powerful integrated translation tool, it’s simple to add a new language in just a few days. We can do it for you.

Reports and users

Over 50 reports available, per vehicle, entire fleet or sub-fleet. Multi-level functional and geographical sub-fleets hierarchy allows easy setup and administration. You will receive a site administrator account to manage accounts of your clients (company administrator, department administrator and regular user) and access the system via an https secured connection.

Ticket-based platform for support

Are you having trouble maintaining your current platform and providing high-level services to your customers? The integrated ticketing platform for technical support issues management deployed into SafeFleet architecture allows you to provide a high-level SLA. Customer receives progress update emails (opened, acknowledged, in progress, closed, deferred, etc.)

Integrated third party installation process

With an experience of over 10 years in telematic business, we know how important is to have a perfect device installation into the vehicle. Already working with over 50 partners for device installation, we developed a complete integration with installation process for workshops. Third party installers have special access to manage installations, service interventions, perform online tests and even track issued invoices.

Easy to integrate with other IT systems

Your customers use different in-house software solutions that need to be integrated with your product. Standard web services API allow further integration with other IT systems. Our API is simple and easy to use. We have experience in connecting to ERP, routing, logistic management and CRM software systems.

Invoicing support

Keeping track of receivables can be a full time job for several employees. Based on the experience of over 4.000 clients, we have created a system that can help our partners to manage their clients. It can be configured to handle invoicing parameters per client, units, periods of time, promotions. It allows you to create different service packages containing different features and reports (basic, pro, premium) and also supports multiple currency.

Customer server or cloud based platform

Having high costs on running the IT infrastructure? SafeFleet Platform application suite is designed to run either on a data center in customer premises or hosted directly in the cloud. The software architecture is created on brand and non-proprietary tools in order to be future-proof.
For the hosted version, we have implemented a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Debug and diagnose features

Your support team will have access to a debug and diagnose module to test devices and system health. With this powerful tool you will be up-to-date with the performance of your system. Quality Assurance system allows the customer to evaluate accuracy and consistency of received data.

Multiple device support

There are so many GPS devices available on the market and you are having trouble to decide which hardware is suitable for your business? The platform is designed to be used with different hardware solutions and is already integrated with the most relevant hardware manufacturers. By having an open protocol, it allows our partners to connect their own GPS devices. We can interface a new device in a couple of weeks.

„It was a hard decision to make to migrate from our own in-house platform. However, we chose the SafeFleet platform because we wanted to increase our clients’ satisfaction and because it offered us more. Now we are recognized on the market as a stable service supplier, a future-proof platform, we hold compatible GPS devices, we offer consistent reports, reliable data and more functionalities than our competitors.
The SafeFleet team answers promptly and offers us the technical support needed for installation activities, they share us their experience in developing new business ideas. Thanks to this approach we can focus only on the sales activity.
After a year of collaboration, we are certain we took the right decision and chose the suited partner.“

Igor Pupaleski

Co-founder, Intelligent Network Solutions

Become a SafeFleet Partner

Become a partner!

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