SafeFleet launched FliGo
- an Android application with an OBDII device-
Milano, Starhotels Business Palace


Security functions

Remote vehicle control using electronic immobilizers, geo-fence, driver ID with iButton/RFID, door contacts. Your data and vehicles are safe with SafeFleet.

SafeFleet Reports

Over 60 online reports, generated per vehicle or for the entire fleet. Daily activity, journeys, trajectories, time sheet, consumption and attributes.

Fuel Consumption

Consumption monitoring, fuel imports, theft events. All information is read from CAN, FMS, fuel level sensors or fuel meters.

Driver Behaviour

SafeFleet Portal is a powerful tracking instrument for the drivers’ behavior behind the wheel. The driving style influences the cost and vehicle usage. Speeding, sudden accelerating and braking, driving hours, etc.

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The “Activity in ROI” report, a new report with multiple uses!

The SafeFleet development team, it’s coming with a new feature in the SafeFleet Portal application, where users have a new report that responds to the requests of many customers, especially international transport companies. The “Activity in ROI” report can be run per vehicle or per fleet, extracting activities based on predefined or specific Regions of […]

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Temporary malfunction

Dear customers, due to some problems noted by our GSM operator WIND, some GPS devices are not able to send their current position or their journeys. GPS devices will store in their internal memory information about the journeys made by the vehicles. This information will be available in SafeFleet Portal as soon as the GSM […]

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SafeFleet for industries

A package of solutions for every industry, CE certified equipment and RAR approved, on-line and historical reports , accessories and specific options, events and automated alarms, web-service for integrating with other applications, cloud infrastructure, 99% availability, eCall ready…  

Public Utilities Security Construction Rent-a-Car Agriculture Transport & Logistics Distribution Telecommunications Banks & Insurance

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